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Welcome to the internet site of the
"Schützengilde Wefensleben e.V."
the Wefensleben shooting club


Our shooting club was founded in 1996 to maintain and keep up the shooting traditions and it soon became part of the social life of the community in Wefensleben and Belsdorf.


Our sportive focus lies mainly an air rifles and pistols,
 but we also shoot 9 mm pistols
and small - bore riffles


Our aims are to promote and support young marksmen and women and to promote lively competition as well as a friendly and sociable atmosphere.


The annual highlight is our shooting festival,which we always celebrate together with the local fire brigade on the last weekend in June.
This culminates on the Sunday with a big parade,where our club is joined by other clubs - shooting and otherwise from the surrounding area.


Our logo incorporates the coat af arms
of Wefensleben.It shows the dovecote
in the monastic estate in Belsdorf,which is part of Wefensleben.
The dovecote was built in 1789 by a man called Tangermann who lived in Belsdorf at the time of its foundation.
The crossed tools in the logo symbolize one of the main businesses:
mining, which commerced in 1741 when coal was found on the plateau where the " Zechenhaus "  (the" pit house ") now stands.

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